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At a Glance

Total Offices (2006): 8 Headquarters: Washington, DC
Total Attorneys (2006): Unknown Firm Website:
Vault Rank (2007): 19 Total Revenue (2005): $465,500,000
Revenue Per Lawyer (2005): Unknown Profits Per Partner (2005): Unknown

Salary Chart
Office Class of 2007* Class of 2006 Class of 2005 Class of 2004 Class of 2003 Class of 2002 Class of 2001 Class of 2000
New York $160000 $160000 $170000 $185000 $210000 $230000 $250000 $265000
Washington, DC $145000 $145000 $155000 $170000 $190000 $210000 $225000 $240000
Los Angeles, CA $145000 $145000 $155000 $170000 $190000 $210000 $225000 $240000

What You Need to Know...

Mar. 2007: James J. Sandman, the current president of the DC Bar and the former managing partner of Arnold & Porter, wrote an article in Washington Lawyer magazine decrying associate pay raises, arguing that it hurts partners, judges, the American people, and associates themselves. According to Sandman, associates benefit from lower salaries because 'higher salaries will only allow associates to pay off their educational debts sooner, put down a mortgage on a house earlier, and leave big law firms even faster than they have been.' [view source] [discuss]

Feb. 2007: Arnold & Porter told the Legal Times newspaper on February 5 that it raised associate salaries in Washington, D.C., to the $145,000 scale, but did not tell its associates about the raises until February 9. For a week, several Arnold & Porter associates contacted the Legal Times to inquire about the whereabouts of their $10,000 raise. [view source]

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